Women empowering centre
The centre aims to support Ukrainian refugee women and provide them tools and knowledge on their way to self-discovering and integration in a new reality and society.

Many Ukrainian women fled from the war to The Netherlands. They fell lost in new reality and new country. We believe that women have incredible strength and energy but often they don't have the tools to realise their potential and value.

We want to open a centre to help Ukrainian women to integrate into a new society, but also help them to discover who they really are, what are their purpose and from that point to start a new meaningful and happier life.
The Concept
We are non-profit organization supporting Ukrainian women refugees.
Our program offers a safe and friendly centre that empowers women through main pillars – mental support, cultural education, spiritual practise and creative development.

The program includes 8 fields to support women with confidence to lead a healthier and happier life in the Netherlands.

All classes are free of charge for Ukrainian refugees. 60% places in classes are given to refugees (on free basis) and 40% to any other participant on payment basis.
All profit goes to run the centre.