Peacock Dream Design
Furniture restyling studio

Irina Borisov
Sarphatipark 8 HS, Amsterdam
+31 6 29 29 80 61
Hello! I'm Irina, a furniture artist.

Many people ask me about the meaning of the name - Peacock Dream Design.

I chose Peacock - because I feel that it is my spirit animal, and it brings me luck.

Dream - because it is my dream to be a furniture artist and transform ordinary things into breathtaking objects. I dream of a spacious art studio, where I create my own beautiful world, a mix of Vintage Glam and 18th-century elegance.

Design - because I've always admired people with style and taste in interior decor. I used to think I didn't have the skills to become an interior designer. But now that I found my niche, I get to create an entire world around every single piece of furniture.

Welcome to my world!

In case you have any questions