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Welcome to Peacock Dream Design – a shop for hand-painted furniture with colour and grace, a studio for custom-designs that reflect the universe that is you, and workshop space for everyone who wants to learn the magic of furniture transformation.
Character and colour for your home
Add a touch of elegance to your home with these vintage hand-painted pieces.
A perfect choice for Victorian-style lovers, 18th-century enthusiasts, French antique connoisseurs, and everyone who is looking to spice up their living with a dash of style.
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Dedicated to making your dreams come true
Custom re-styling
This is the place for you to dream, and for me to make things happen. There is a selection of items available for customization ready at my studio and listed on this page. If your perfect piece is not among them, I'm happy to scout it for you.
Once in the studio, the item will be finished in your desired colours. I leave nothing to chance, take myriad details into account and will even mix new shades to find your happy colour.
Inspired clients
Online furniture makeover
1-hour private session
Do you have a furniture piece you would like to paint and want to have professional advice? Bring your project to online session and be ready to start your furniture makeover journey.
In the end of session you will have step-by-step guidance how to achieve desirable design using chalk paint techniques.
KEEN TO inspire others

Workshops & Courses
Do you want to paint your own furniture, but are not sure where to start? Come and join one of the workshops for a hands-on experience and learn the tricks and skills of furniture transformation. The workshops take place in Amsterdam.
Workshop reviews
Irina Borisov
Founder and Furniture Artist
I'm an ardent decorator and furniture artist who is passionate about interior designs that combine both the modern and antique looks together.

The lack of choices for such designs at a reasonable price has inspired me to paint furniture myself.

I believe that homes are not to be bland, that places where we live and dream deserve colour and character. By creating our interior which reflects our inner personality we live in freedom and in harmony with ourselves.

Peacock Dream Design is a way to turn my principles into beautiful objects.

I offer quality vintage furniture, hand-picked and painted to stand out and workshops for everyone who wants to discover the magic of furniture upcycling.

Peacock Dream Design
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