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I paint old vintage furniture and teach others how to transform ordinary pieces into an interior decor masterpieces. In my studio, you can buy furniture, order customized design or join furniture painting workshops.
Passion to create Fairytale furniture
Shop the vintage hand-painted furniture that you won't find anywhere else.
This furniture will add chic and elegancy to your home. It is the perfect choice for those who appreciate French antiques with a modern touch.
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Customized design
One of my favorite part is treasure hunting. I visit many thrift stores and the hidden spots and I know where to find perfect vintage pieces. Send me your request, dimensions, where it should stand and I'll find and paint a dream piece for you. Meanwhile, you can find some pieces for customization on my website
Inspired clients
KEEN TO inspire others

Want to paint your old furniture and avoid of common mistakes?
Join Furniture restyling workshop and learn how to paint furniture in easy and artistic way. I offer a range of workshops focused on chalk paint techniques.
Please choose a workshop that appeals to you.

Irina Borisov
Owner and Furniture Artist
I'm a furniture artist who is passionate about interior designs that combine both the modern and antique looks together.

The lack of choices for such designs at a reasonable price has inspired me to paint furniture myself.

That is how Peacock Dream Design was born, to offer the best looking hand-painted vintage furniture and teach people how to create their own masterpiece!

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Photo credits: Meriam Stuur, Wijnand Kroes, Wen Versteeg

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